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Gnu Altered Genetics

$700.00 Released September, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very High Tech. 4 years, going strong.

The Cons:Expensive board.

To construct this board, Gnu cultivates trees to blend the best properties of bamboo, & aspen and combines with vectran liquid crystal polymer.  The Altered Genetics features Gnu's "magnetraction" as well.

Product Shot 2  Graphic design by artist Aaron James Draplin.

  • SHAPE: Directional
  • CORE: Mervin AG3 Core
  • REINFORCEMENTS: Vectran Fiber
  • BASE: Sintered
  • FIBERGLASS: Quadaxial
  • SIDECUT: Magnetraction
  • LENGTH: 155 - 159
  • EFFECTIVE EDGE: 118 - 122
  • WIDTH: 25.1 - 25.3

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    Very High Tech

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    4 years, going strong.

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    Expensive board

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aznboy8: #gnu_altered_genetics I got really lucky at my local ski shop, they had this board in a tent sale for $200. If anyone wants to get it cheap try your local ski shop, alot of times they dont realize how nice the board that they have it, or its been sitting around waiting for someone to buy it, and they want to get rid of it. Dec 7, 08
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dakalvia: #gnu_altered_genetics $325 is a steal!!! I had my eye on this board all year....end of season sales dropped the price to around $575 (still a little steep for me though). I still am looking for a good deal to get this board. I currently ride an 07-08 Forum Recon with Burton Cartel bindings and Nitro TLS boots...bam. Apr 1, 08
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Jomar: #gnu_altered_genetics A local shop was going out of business last year so I got the '07 model for $325 and I consider myself extremely lucky. I ride it with Burton Cartel Bindings and 32 Boots. Amazing feel and response. I've taken it to Heavenly, Sierra at Tahoe, Keystone Mt, and Winter Park. But I'm from MD so I mainly use it at the local ice mountains. It's performed well in all conditions, powder and ice, and is GREAT for the park. I love this board and I dread the day that it gets over worked. Mar 14, 08
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UCP: #gnu_altered_genetics I've got an 03/04 159. Me and that board have been through a lot.. herniated discs, the board getting stolen, getting it back, lots of runs, and tons of good times.

I've been fairly gentle with it, but I still ride it, and you'd never know it was 4 years old. The base has held up really well, the top still looks great. I love the flex in this board, the CHB I had before it chattered a lot, this board just sticks to the snow. Feb 25, 08
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dakalvia: #gnu_altered_genetics I am waiting/hoping for an end of season sale to get this board.... Feb 4, 08
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